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Title:Meteorological and hydrographic monitoring data collected at Dauphin Island Station in Alabama from 1999-11-06 to 2001-03-01 (NODC Accession 0122658)
Abstract:Meteorological and hydrographic data were collected from a monitoring station on Dauphin Island from Nov 1999 to Feb 2001. Variables measured include air temperature, barometric pressure, solar and quantum radiation, wind speed and direction, water temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, specific conductance, and water level.

Purpose: The value of coastal observing systems is recognized by the U.S. Congress, the National Ocean Partnership Program, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. Recent reports by the Pew Oceans Commission and U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy have decried the lack of information from near coastal waters on which to base management decisions and recommended monitoring programs linked to strong research. Reasons for observations of meteorological and hydrographic parameters include (1) continuous characterization of spatial and temporal patterns of change in water quality, (2) development of a permanent record of significant and human caused changes in environmental indicators over time and (3) support for research activities through the availability of consistent, scientifically valid data.
Data are archived as part of a long-term program monitoring coastal weather conditions and baseline hydrographic conditions.
Date received:20141014
Start date:19991106
End date:20010301
Seanames:Coastal waters of Alabama, Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic Ocean
West boundary:-88.0778
East boundary:-88.0774
North boundary:30.2513
South boundary:30.2506
Observation types:chemical, meteorological, physical, time series, water chemistry
Instrument types:YSI - handheld multi-parameter instrument, anemometer, barometers, bucket, pyranometer, temperature probe, thermistor
Submitter:Hu, Lei
Submitting institution:DISL
Collecting institutions:DISL
Contributing projects:MBNEP
Platforms:Moored Buoy
Number of observations:
Supplementary information:PI: Mike Dardeau

Additional information and Real-time observations can be found at:

Meteorological data: Data are single observations taken at 1 minute intervals unless otherwise specified. Dates are Julian days and all times are Central Standard Time.

Hydrographic data: Data are single observations taken at 30 minute intervals unless otherwise specified. Dates are Julian days and all times are Central Standard Time.

NODC Accession 0114998 has meteorological and hydrographic data from this same moored buoy from 2003-2013.
Availability date:
Metadata version:2
Keydate:2014-10-15 12:38:53+00
Editdate:2014-10-15 13:41:25+00