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Title:Oceanographic data collected during the EX1402L2 (Gulf of Mexico Exploration and Mapping) expedition on NOAA Ship OKEANOS EXPLORER in the Gulf of Mexico from 2014-03-19 to 2014-04-04 (NCEI Accession 0117723)
Abstract:Transit mapping operations will collect bathymetry, sub-bottom profiles, water column backscatter, and seafloor backscatter over the continental shelf and Claypile Bank in accordance with request from the scientific community. Survey mapping operations will collect continuous bathymetry, sub-bottom profiles, water column backscatter, and seafloor backscatter over the area to the south of Flower Garden Banks NMS, also in accordance with the scientific community. Data will provide details about biological habitats in the area and improve understanding of the ecological connection between mid-water and deepwater biological communities. During EX-14-02 Leg 2, multibeam, single beam, and sub-bottom profile data will be collected 24 hours a day and XBT casts will be conducted at an interval defined by prevailing oceanographic conditions, but not to exceed 6 hours.
Date received:20140430
Start date:20140319
End date:20140404
Seanames:Gulf of Mexico
West boundary:-94.79279
East boundary:-87.63201
North boundary:30.34296
South boundary:26.99642
Observation types:chemical, meteorological, navigational, physical, profile, underway
Instrument types:GPS, Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensors, barometers, bathythermograph - XBT, fluorometer, gyrocompass, meteorological sensors, radiometer, sound velocimeter, thermosalinographs
Submitting institution:OER
Collecting institutions:OER
Contributing projects:OER IPT
Number of observations:
Supplementary information:The NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research sponsored the collection of these data.

EX1402L2: Gulf of Mexico Exploration and Mapping, produced the following data: Ship Navigation; Ship Sensor Raw Data (SCS Data - Air Temp, Barometer, Doppler Depth, Event Data, Fluorometer, Met, Radiation, Relative Humidity, SAMOS, Sound Velocity, Thermosalinograph, Water Temperature, Wind Direction, Wind Speed) (Profile Data - asvp, XBT); Multibeam and Singlebeam Bathymetric Data.

Other NOAA offices hold the data that NODC has not archived under this Accession.
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Metadata version:5
Keydate:2014-04-23 14:01:20+00
Editdate:2016-08-26 20:59:59+00