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Access Argo Data

This page provides access to Argo data have undergone the automated quality assurance procedures that are carried out by the US NODC. The data are in NODC versions of Mono-Profile and Multi-ProfileNetCDF formats.

If you know what you are looking for already, follow these links to get our Argo floats data:

Otherwise, please click on the appropriate link below:

  •  Argo latest data
  • Provides access to new profiles or existing profiles that have undergone the Argo delayed mode quality control that are carried out by the Argo Data Assembly Centers.
  •  Argo Data Assemly Centers Data
  • The Argo data assembly centers data are individual profile files sorted by the Argo Data Assembly Centers that handle the floats.
  •  Argo Basins Data
  • The Argo basins data are divided into oceans, but further subdivided by year. In each year there are 12 compressed data files, one for each month of the year.
  •  Argo Floats Data
  • The Argo floats data are Argo profile files, metadata and technical infomration files grouped by the Argo float identification numbers.
  •  Argo KMZ files(New; July 2007)
  • View Argo Data on Google Earth.
  •  Float Profile Waterfall Plots
  • Provides access to the waterfall plots of profiling floats.