62° 25'N 10° 25'E
Image by Kåre Rapp
  You've found it!
The elusive cloudberry!

All this oceanographic data and cloudberries too!
There are three instances of cloudberries hidden (as cloudberries always seem to be) in this data report. If you do manage to find all three locations, please email the three official 'Cloudberry Location Codes' (found below the berries) to me at cchandler@whoi.edu.

If you are one of the first five people to correctly report all three 'Cloudberry Codes', I'll send you a small gift in recognition of your intrepidity! The first 25 who respond with all three correct locations will be invited to join the crew of the good ship Cloudberry. An updated list of the SSV Cloudberry crew may be found at the U.S. JGOFS CD-ROM support web page .

All About Cloudberries

Cloudberry information contributed by:
Kåre Rapp, The Norwegian Crop Research Institute, Holt Research Centre,
PO Box 2502, N-9002 Tromsø, Norway

The cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L., Family: Rosaceae), also known as Moltebeere or Torfbeere in Germany and the bakeapple in Canada, is native to most of the northern circumpolar areas of Earth. It is found in Scandinavia, Siberia/Russia, Canada and the USA (Alaska and New Hampshire). The opportunistic cloudberry is known for rapid regrowth following disturbance of areas with rich, acidic soil. The berry is composed of several small nut-fruits or drupelets.

Cloudberries may be eaten as fresh fruit, or with added sugar and cream or whipped cream. They are also used in desserts or made into jam or juice concentrate. There is even a cloudberry liqueur.

Arctic hunters used this fruit as a remedy for scurvy. Cloudberries store well in a refrigerator because of their high content of the natural preservative, benzoic acid.

I was first introduced to the 'elusive cloudberry' by Bernard "Captain Cloudberry" Avril of the JGOFS International Project Office. I have yet to eat a cloudberry or have the pleasure of seeing one growing in the wild. I am experiencing some difficulty convincing my two sons that a Cloudberry Hunting Adventure would be infinitely more fun than say mini-golf or an afternoon of bowling.

Happy hunting, thanks for playing, and I hope to see you aboard the SSV Cloudberry!
Cyndy Chandler

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