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GIN Seas Regional Climatology GIN Seas Regional Climatology
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The Greenland, Iceland and Norwegian Seas (GINS) – the gateways for water exchange between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic – play a key role in the entire high-latitudinal ocean climate formation and change. The magnitude of fisheries, oil and other material resources and climatic importance of GINS has spurred intensive observation and research programs in the region.

To provide an improved oceanographic foundation and reference for multi-disciplinary studies of the GINS, NODC Regional Climatology Team1,2 developed a new set of high-resolution quality-controlled long-term annual, seasonal and monthly mean temperature and salinity fields on different depth levels. This new regional climatology is based on the World Ocean Database archive of temperature and salinity from observations spanning over more than a hundred years and incorporates new data not previously available.

This is the first quality-controlled NODC regional ocean climatology with 1/10°x1/10° spatial resolution and monthly temporal resolution for both temperature and salinity.
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