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Climatological Atlas of the Nordic Seas and
Northern North Atlantic
This Atlas is a result of an international collaboration between the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russia), Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen (Norway), and the National Oceanographic Data Center (USA). The Atlas is based on data collected from more than 500,000 stations between the years 1900 and 2012. It contains decadal, periodic, annual and monthly climatological fields for water temperature, salinity, and density on a 0.25-degree grid at different depths. In addition to the climatological maps, time-depth diagrams of all parameters, including oxygen, at twelve selected areas covered by long-term observational programs, are available.
Data distribution map of Climatological Atlas of the Nordic Seas and the Northern North Atlantic; ~503,000 stations; 1900-2012 years Data distribution map of the Atlas based on data collected in the years 1900 - 2012 from more than 503,000 oceanographic stations
Technical report - high resolution (13.0 MB), low resolution (3.7 MB)
The technical report of the Atlas contains detailed description of geographical area of interest, data and calculation methods of climatological fields.
Data inventory
The inventory table provides access to the monthly, yearly, and summarized data distribution maps of the Atlas for observational period 1900 - 2012.
Time-depth diagrams
An interactive map provides access to the time-depth diagrams of temperature, salinity, density, and oxygen anomalies and classed data density diagrams at twelve selected areas for 1900 - 2012.
Provides access to data and maps of decadal, periodic, annual and monthly climatological gridded fields of temperature, salinity and density for 1900 - 2012.
Credits and author information.