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World Ocean Database 2018 Data Updates
(All casts with major updates since the release of WOD18)

Note: new data added after the release of the WOD18 have not gone through the full set of quality control procedures and should be considered preliminary.

  • Files of the form update.O.DATASET.gz or update.S.DATASET.gz, contain all major updates for the named dataset since the release of WOD18. Refer to WOD18 documentation for additional details. Refer to instructions on downloading and reading WOD18 data.
  • A major update is a change to position (latitude/longitude), date (year, month, day, (not GMT time), or depth/measured variable. Major updates are made in the course of continuing quality control of the data and communication with the submittor of the data.
  • User can get all updates for specific dataset (i.e., update.O.OSD) or updates for a particular month (i.e., update.O.OSDJan2018) under each date stamped link.
  • A time stamp has been added to any cast which is part of an updated file. The time stamp is found under second header #99, and is of the form [4digit year][julian year day] (ex. 2018001 means the cast was last updated January, 2018).
Dataset Updated Data (update files are data changed or replaced since the release of WOD18)
.O. files - observed measurement .S. files - data interpolated to standard levels
Monthly updates since the release of WOD18
April 2020
January 2020