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Salinity monthly anomaly fields (ASCII files)

Yearly and monthly anomalies are mean differences for the given time period from monthly mean climatologies.
To download the salinity anomaly files, you may download an individual file or a tar file of all years for a
particular type of a parameter (i.e., all years of the salinity analyzed anomalies in one tar file).
Information how to download and read the data is available from Instructions.

Monthly salinity anomalies from 2009-present
Depth range from surface to 2000 m (26 levels)

    File naming conventions:

     |  |    |   |   |    |
     |  |    |   |   |    two digits of ending month
     |  |    |   |   two digits of beginning month
     |  |    |   last two digits of ending year
     |  |    last two digits of beginning year
     |  file type (an,dd,sd,gp) (see WOA09 documentation)
     parameter (s=salinity) 

Note: year 2000 is presented as A0, 2001 is A1, etc.
      year 2010 is presented as B0
Links to the data files will show up below

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