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  • World Ocean Database Search and Retrieval System (WODselect) - select criteria, and search for ocean profile data in the World Ocean Database. Also see the Ocean Climate Laboratory's product page for more information on World Ocean Database or World Ocean Atlas products.

  • Argo Daily Data - Argo daily data include real-time and delayed-mode profiles of ocean temperature and salinity (and conductivity, if any) measured by the Argo profiling floats.

  • NODC's Ocean Archive System can also be queried for ocean datasets that contain ocean profiles. This system does not search individual profiles, but whole datasets that were originally submitted to the NODC (i.e., blocks of data). If you want to search and retrieve ocean profiles, your better option may be WODselect.

  • Global Temperature-Salinity Profile Program (GTSPP) - access to upper ocean observations from an international program; in cooperation with Canada's Marine Environmental Data Service (MEDS); includes data summaries, station location plots, and downloadable data files. Every 3 months these data are included in the World Ocean Database after additional quality control procedures have been applied. More on why NODC has two ocean profile databases.

  • Korea Oceanographic Database (KOD) - A regional portal which includes measurements of temperature, salinity, nutrients and meteorological parameters.

  • Older Related Profile Data & CD-ROM Products:
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