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  • NCEI's most complete global chlorophyll datasets are contained in:

    World Ocean Atlas/Database:
    • Quality Controlled Data Online
      World Ocean Database (WOD):
      - WODselect - Search & Retrieval System
      - WOD - files sorted by time or geographic area
    • Analyzed Fields Online
      World Ocean Atlas 2001 (WOA01)

    Descriptions of the data, methods, and selected figures are also contained in a separate printed atlas series, or on CD-ROM/DVD. You can also go directly to the Ocean Climate Laboratory's Product Page for more information on World Ocean Atlas/Database products.

  • Ocean Color Archive is the service being provided for Level 2 (L2) ocean color products generated by the CoastWatch program

  • NCEI's Ocean Archive System can also be queried for chlorophyll data.

  • Blended in situ-Satellite (CZCS) Chlorophyll Data Set - Historical archives of in situ (National Centers for Environmental Information) and satellite (Coastal Zone Color Scanner) chlorophyll data were combined using the blended analysis method of Reynolds [1988] in an attempt to construct an improved climatological seasonal representation of global chlorophyll distributions.

  • Customized datasets of chlorophyll can also be obtained by contacting User Services.

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