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Helping with National Security

National Security encompasses many aspects, and the National Oceanographic Data Center is ready to do it's part. The Center holds the largest worldwide collection of in situ oceanographic data, much of which is available on the NODC Web site. Ocean current data sets can be useful when dealing with the release of toxic materials. There are links from the ocean currents page to the Global Ocean Currents Database, the World Ocean Circulation Experiment, and Acoustic Doppler Current Profile data set.

Coastguard helicopterAlthough NODC's primary mission is to archive historical data and provide long term data records for research and analysis, there is near real-time and delayed mode data available from the Global Temperature Salinity Profile Program (GTSPP) and the Argo (profiling floats) projects. Historic sea level data and wave data are also available, as well as satellite data from the NODC Satellite Oceanography Group.

A valuable source of coastal data and information can be obtained from NODC's coastal division, the National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC).


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