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Marine Operations

The National Oceanographic Data Center is responsible for archiving and distributing historical ocean data sets that can be used as background information along with real-time data sets provided by other NOAA line offices. Several NODC data sets such as sea level, ocean currents, ocean profile parameters, and the World Ocean Atlas can be very important to all types of mariners such as those in commerce or in the military.

NOAA ship RudeOther NODC activities supporting marine operations include the maintenance and archival of historical buoy data sets, the NODC Satellite Oceanography Group, and the Global Argo Data Repository. For a complete listing of all NODC data sets, products, and projects please see the NODC "Access Data Page".

NOAA has many data sets and information systems that are crucial to marine operations and commerce. In fact, over 98% of the nation's cargo is carried by waterborne transportation, and must rely on NOAA services for navigation, charting, real-time weather and coastal forecasts, as well as satellite aided search and rescue. Useful NOAA links on marine operations can be found below.

» Links to Marine Operations Information in NOAA


» NODC Resources

- Beach Temperatures
- Coastal Buoy Data
- Data types and products
- Archive of Original Data
- World Ocean Database
- CD-ROMs / DVDs
- Publications


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