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Marine Resources and Conservation

As the official archive for global oceanographic data, the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) provides data access to researchers, resource managers, and policy makers who must evaluate our natural resources and determine conservation needs. Data on ocean currents, temperature and salinity are used to study migration routes of fish populations, whales, turtles, angel fishand even an occasional wayward Florida manatee. Plankton and chlorophyll data are available to study trends of ocean productivity. NODC is also deeply involved in the establishment of a coral reef information system known as CoRIS, which will integrate reef monitoring data and the chemical, biological and physical data of the surrounding areas. This system will help researchers to better understand, and perhaps help mitigate, the depletion the world's coral reefs.

NODC also plays a substantial role in archiving, preserving, and disseminating large scale ocean program data (such as data from the World Ocean Circulation Experiment and the Joint Global Ocean Flux study).


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