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About QCED

This Data Quality Cruise Editor (qced) Software is designed for the Global Temperature-Salnity Profile Program (GTSPP), which is written in IDL (interactive data language) that allows an operator to view and edit temperature and salinity data from files in the GTSPP MEDS-ASCII format.


  1. Map of ship position for visual inspection of the cruise.
  2. Bar graph of the ship speeds between stations in the cruise.
  3. Waterfall plot of neighboring profiles.
  4. Profile plot overlaid on the World Ocean Atlas 2005 climatology and ETOPO5 Bathymetry plots.
  5. Temp/Salinity plot when both are available.
  6. Formatted text display of all fields from the data file.
  7. Key metadata displayed in a scrolling list.
  8. Performs a suite of automated data quality tests and displays "trouble lights" to draw operator attention to questionable data.
  9. Operator may edit a) Time and Position and/or b) QC flags for temperature or salinity values.
  10. In output file, genertes history records to document changes.
  11. Science QC generates customized action codes in the history.
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