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About Ocean Data View

 Ocean Data View (ODV) is a software package for the interactive exploration, analysis and visualization of oceanographic and other geo-referenced profile, time-series, trajectory or sequence data.ODV can display original data points or gridded fields based on the original data.

ODV has two fast weighted-averaging gridding algorithms as well as the advanced DIVA gridding software built-in. Gridded fields can be color-shaded and/or contoured. ODV supports five different map projections and can be used to produce high quality cruise maps (20kB).

ODV also supports the netCDF format and lets you explore and visualize CF, COARDS, GDT and CDC compliant netCDF datasets. This works with netCDF files on your local machine as well as with remote netCDF files served by an OPeNDAP server.

ODV is used by more than 25,000 scientists at leading research institutes world wide. The UNESCO Ocean Teacher project employs ODV as one of its main analysis and display tools.

ODV Documentation:

ODV Software Download: Registered ODV users may download any of the available ODV software versions and optional packages at