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The GTSPP consists of four major components:

  • Global Telecommunication System (GTS): Carries real-time data from ships and buoys in support of the IOC/WMO Integrated Global Ocean Services System (IGOSS).

  • IODE Data Centers: Contribute data, monitor the project, and distribute products. These are national oceanographic data centers which participate in the International Oceanographic Data & Information Exchange (IODE) System of the International Oceanographic Commission.

  • Long-Term Archive Center (LTAC): Maintains the up-to-date global temperature-salinity data, replaces near real-time records with higher quality delayed-mode records as they are received, and creates and distributes copies of the data on CD-ROM and other media.

  • Data Product Center (DPC): Performs analysis of all the GTSPP data in the region of interest to assess its data quality consistency, provide feedback to data collectors about the results of the analysis, and prepare and distrubute data products on a regular basis.