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GTSPP History

The GTSPP was initiated jointly by IODE and IGOSS in 1990 as a pilot project (through Recommendation IODE-XIII.4) and transformed in 1996 into a permanent operational programme under the co-sponsorship of IODE and IGOSS (IODE Recommendation IODE-XV.4 (see below). In 2001 JCOMM-I defined GTSPP as a programme jointly sponsored by JCOMM and IODE.

The GTSPP is managed by a Steering Group. Initially this was composed of representatives listed under "GTSPP contributors" below. Between 1996 and 2008 the Steering Group met only on an ad hoc basis.

Recommendation IODE-XV.4


The IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange,

Noting with appreciation the progress achieved in the development of the IGOSS-IODE Global Temperature-Salinity Pilot Project (GTSPP) since 1989,

Further noting the commitments by the Canadian Marine Environmental Data Service (MEDS) and the US Responsible National Oceanographic Data Centre for IGOSS to continue to operate the real-time and continuously managed database aspects of the programme,

Noting Recommendation 3 of the Seventh Session of the JC on IGOSS that GTSPP become a permanent project of IGOSS and IODE,

Recommends that the IGOSS-IODE Global Temperature-Salinity Pilot Project become a permanent operational programme under the co-sponsorship of IGOSS and IODE with the title the IGOSS-IODE Global Temperature-Salinity Programme;

Further recommends that GTSPP be kept as the short name for the programme because of its familiarity to many IODE and IGOSS clients and its presence in many published documents and electronic media;

Appreciates the renewed commitment of MEDS and the US RNODC for IGOSS to continue their support to the programme.