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GTSPP Web Interface (GWI)

Locate stations by specifying one or more of the following query criteria.
Step 1. Specify the Spatial Range:
To select the region of interest, do one of three things:
  1. Enter values in the text fields below:
  2. North:
    West: East:
  3. Select an area from the map below.
  4. or,
  5. Select one of the radio buttons below to select an ocean basin
  6. Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean
    Note: Default (Use ocean boundaries defined in the above map box or text fields.)
Step 2. Specify Date Range:
BEGIN: / /     
END: / /     
Step 3. Specify Season Range:
BEGIN: /     
END: /     
Step 4. Specify Data Mode:
Best Copy Real Time Delayed
Step 5. Specify Data Type(s):
Select one or more instrument or data source. (Hold down Control to select more than one)

Check here to specifically EXCLUDE all Argo data

Step 6. Specify A PLAT Code or Call Sign: (Default, with both blank, returns all Platforms).

   PLAT CODE:    or  CALL SIGN: 

Step 7. Specify a Product:
Display the values selected in the form and the SQL, but do not query the database (For diagnostic use)
Display only the count of stations
Display a list of station (DBID) numbers
Retrieve data and display in HTML (Recommended only for small numbers of stations)
Prepare a data file for downloading
Submit this query form:

NOTE: The maximum number of stations that can be retrieved in one selection is 100,000. If the criteria specified would retrieve more, only the station count will be returned. You may retrieve larger numbers of stations by making several smaller selections.
Warning: The time required to complete your search will depend on the complexity of the selection criteria as well as the size of the data you requested.