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TYPE -- Data_Type field, and Bytes 3-4 of Stream_Ident use this data type code
AR Animal mounted recorder
BA BATHY message
BF Undulating Oceanographic Recorder (e.g. Batfish CTD)
BO Bottle
BT general BT data
CD CTD down trace
CT CTD data, up or down
CU CTD up trace
DB Drifting buoy
DD Delayed mode drifting buoy data
DM Delayed mode version from originator
DT Digital BT
IC Ice core
ID Interpolated drifting buoy data
IN Ship intake samples
MC CTD and bottle data are mixed for the station
MI Data from a mixed set of instruments
ML Minilog
OF Real-time oxygen and fluorescence
PF Profiling float
RM Radio message
RQ Radio message with scientific QC
SC Sediment core
SG Thermosalinograph data
ST STD data
SV Sound velocity probe
TE TESAC message
TG Thermograph data
TK TRACKOB message
TO Towed CTD
TR Thermistor chain
XC Expendable CTD