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SC_PRT$ -- Surface code values for srfcCode='PRT$': XBT probe type (WMO code 1770)
MHI XBT (MHI,Academy of Science, Ukraine)
SIP ST-1 Sippican SSXBT, Model ST-1
SIP T-04 Sippican T-4
SIP T-05 Sippican T-5
SIP T-06 Sippican T-6
SIP T-07 Sippican T-7
SIP T-10 Sippican T-10
SIP T-11 Sippican T-11
SIP T-DB Sippican T-Deep Blue
SIP T-FD Sippican T-Fast Deep
SPA T-01 Sparton XBT-1
SPA T-03 Sparton XBT-3
SPA T-04 Sparton XBT-4
SPA T-05 Sparton XBT-5
SPA T-05DB Sparton XBT-5 Deep Blue
SPA T-06 Sparton XBT-6
SPA T-07 Sparton XBT-7
SPA T-07DB Sparton XBT-7 Deep Blue
SPA T-10 Sparton XBT-10
SPA T-20 Sparton XBT-20
SPA T-20DB Sparton XBT-20DB
TSK T-04 TSK T-4
TSK T-05 TSK T-5
TSK T-06 TSK T-6
TSK T-07 TSK T-7
TSK T-10 TSK T-10
UNK Unknown
UNK DBT DBT Type Unknown
UNK T-04 Unknown T-4
UNK T-05 Unknown T-5
UNK T-06 Unknown T-6
UNK T-07 Unknown T-7
UNK T-10 Unknown T-10
UNK T-11 Unknown T-11
UNK T-DB Unknown Deep Blue
UNK T-FD Unknown Fast Deep
UNK XBT XBT Type Unknown