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About GTSPP Real-Time Data Sets

Global ocean temperature and salinity measurements are regularly being taken by shipboard observers or automated instruments. The data are then forwarded through radio or satellite transmitters to receiving stations and transmitted in “real time” to operational users around the world.

The real-time data are managed by the Integrated Scientific Data Management (ISDM) of Canada The data are received daily and are processed through quality assessment and duplicates resolution software three times each week and transferred to the continuously updated database (CMD) at NODC. GTSPP Real-Time data sets are available via:

  1. HTTP:
  2. FTP:

The “realtime” directory contains:

  1. The GTSPP weekly near real-time data stored in the NetCDF format. The file naming convention is gtspp4_rt_nc_yyyymmdd-YYYYMMDD.tgz, while yyyymmdd-YYYYMMDD means the beginning and ending of the week. ASCII (text)
  2. The GTSPP monthly near real-time data sorted by year and month- eds.gz, where YY is a two-digit Year and MM is the two-digit Month of the year. Files with .txt extension are the statistics of the corresponding monthly real-time data set.