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Title:The assessment of hull fouling as a mechanism for the introduction and dispersal of alien species in the main Hawaiian Islands through surveys at harbors on Oahu's Southern and Southwestern Coasts during 2003 (NODC Accession 0001455)
Abstract:Surveys for adult invertebrates that were part of the hull fouling communities were done to determine to what extent marine alien invasive species (AIS) are being transported in this fashion. The focus was to perform a qualitative analysis that created a species inventory. The organisms that generally foul vessel hulls are the typical species found in natural marine intertidal and subtidal fouling communities. These organisms are usually associated with one of the following groups: porifera (sponges), coelenterata (hydroids, corals and anemones), mollusca (mussels, clams, and sea slugs), annelida (marine worms), arthropoda (barnacles, amphipods, and crabs), bryozoa (moss animals), chordata (sea squirts and fish), as well as macroalgae (seaweed). Through collaboration with state and private industry representatives, arrivals notification for various vessel types was received. This arrivals information was used to schedule field survey activities throughout the study. Field work occurred in 2003 at harbors of southern and southwestern coasts of Oahu, Hawaii.
Date received:20040511
Start date:20030806
End date:20031001
Seanames:Coastal Waters of Hawaii, NE Pacific (limit-180)
West boundary:-158.12
East boundary:-157.84
North boundary:21.32
South boundary:21.28
Observation types:site samples, survey - biological
Instrument types:swimmer/diver
Submitter:Godwin, Scott
Submitting institution:BISHOP MUSEUM
Collecting institutions:BISHOP MUSEUM
Contributing projects:CORAL REEF STUDIES, CoRIS, HCRI
Number of observations:4
Supplementary information:
Availability date:20040515
Metadata version:4
Keydate:2004-05-11 17:26:54+00
Editdate:2011-09-19 16:21:22+00
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