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Title:Fishery Biology and Stock Assessment Division (FBSAD) Recruit Reef Fish Belt Transect and Habitat Quadrat Surveys at Hawaii Island (Big Island), Main Hawaiian Islands, 2005 (NODC Accession 0046935)
Abstract:Shore-based belt transects were conducted at 8-13 m depths at 3 longshore sites on the leeward coast (North and South Kohala districts) of the Big Island (Hawaii Island) in the MHI during spring 2005. From 8-10 randomly positioned transects were surveyed at each site; each transect was 25-m long x 2-m wide (50 m**2 area). Raw survey data consist of species-specific and size-specific (total length, TL, in cm) numerical counts of recruit (>5 cm total length, TL) and larger (5-10 cm TL) juvenile reef fishes encountered within transect boundaries.

Habitat quadrats were surveyed at 8-13 m depths using shore-based transects swum at 3 longshore sites on the leeward coast (North and South Kohala districts) of the Big Island (Hawaii Island, in the MHI) during spring 2005. Substratum percent cover and rugosity were characterized within multiple quadrats at each site. A total 90 "Reference" ('REF') quadrats (whose positions were randomly selected) and a total 89 "Target" ('TAR') quadrats (positions centered on sightings of recruit fishes), each of 1-m2** area, were surveyed at the 3 Sites. In each quadrat, the percentage cover of each of seven (7) major substratum types were estimated, as was a "Rugosity Index".

The study was published in a peer-reviewed marine science journal in August 2007. The full citation is: DeMartini EE, Anderson TW (2007) Habitat associations and aggregation of recruit fishes on Hawaiian coral reefs. Bulletin of Marine Science 81(1):139-152.
Date received:20110719
Start date:20050523
End date:20050610
Seanames:Coastal Waters of Hawaii
West boundary:-155.901
East boundary:-155.859
North boundary:20.184
South boundary:19.955
Observation types:benthic, biological, composition & location, survey - biological, survey - coral reef, survey - swimmer/diver, visual observation
Instrument types:biota surveys, coral reef surveys, swimmer/diver
Submitter:DeMartini, Mr. Edward E.
Submitting institution:NMFS/PIFSC/FBSAD
Collecting institutions:NMFS/PIFSC/FBSAD
Contributing projects:CORAL REEF STUDIES, CoRIS
Number of observations:
Supplementary information:For the belt transects, the purpose was to provide reef fish density estimates as the first spring survey of a multi-year project using in situ diver observational data collected at sites of differing habitat structure, to descriptively test predictions relating to the use of specific habitats by various species of coral reef fishes in Hawaii.

For the quadrat surveys, the purpose was to provide taxonomic and functional characterizations of reef habitat that complement the reef fish density estimates provided by the companion database named "Recruit_Reef_Fish_Belt_Transects_2005.xls". These data represent the first surveys of a multi-year (spring season only) project using in situ diver observations at sites of differing habitat structure, to descriptively test predictions relating to the use of specific habitats by the juveniles of various species of reef fishes in Hawaii.

Please cite FBSAD when using the data. Fishery Biology and Stock Assessment Division, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

In this Accession, NODC has archived multiple versions of these data. The latest (and best) version of these data has the largest version number.
Availability date:20081115
Metadata version:7
Keydate:2008-10-29 22:14:41+00
Editdate:2011-08-30 14:59:10+00
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