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Title:Assessment of species composition, diversity, and biomass in marine habitats and subhabitats around offshore islets in the main Hawaiian islands, 2007, April 2 - September 20, 2007 (NODC Accession 0042684)
Abstract:The marine algae, invertebrate and fish communities were surveyed at ten islet or offshore island sites in the Main Hawaiian Islands in the vicinity of Lanai, (Puu Pehe and Poo Poo Islets), Maui (Kaemi and Hulu Islets and the outer rim of Molokini), off Kaulapapa National Historic Park on Molokai (Mokapu, Okala and Namoku Islets) and Oahu (Kaohikaipu Islet and outside Kapapa Island) in 2007. Survey protocol at all sites consisted of an initial reconnaissance survey on which all algae, invertebrates and fishes that could be identified on site were listed and or photographed and collections of algae and invertebrates were collected for later laboratory identification. Following the reconnaissance surveys, quantitative estimates of coral and algal coverage and size and biomass of fishes along 25 m transects were conducted at each site and their locations were recorded using GPS.

The original data are primarily provided as MS Excel spreadsheets with associated reports as .doc and .pdf files. Supplementary data is provided as .dbf files to use in a GIS. Associated data, primarily .jpg image data files, are filed under NODC Accession Number 0043046.
Date received:20080603
Start date:20070402
End date:20070920
Seanames:Coastal Waters of Hawaii, NE Pacific (limit-180)
West boundary:-157.79
East boundary:-156.88
North boundary:21.49
South boundary:20.73
Observation types:biological, survey - biological, survey - coral reef
Instrument types:GPS, bag-collection, camera, coral reef surveys
Submitter:Coles, Dr. Steven L.
Submitting institution:BISHOP MUSEUM
Collecting institutions:BISHOP MUSEUM
Contributing projects:CORAL REEF STUDIES, CoRIS, HCRI
Number of observations:10
Supplementary information:Originators:
Steven Coles
Louise Giuseffi
Melanie Hutchinson

Associated data, primarily .jpg image data files, are filed under NODC Accession Number 0043046.

In order to address the need for coordinated, statewide program for islet conservation, the Offshore Islet Restoration Committee (OIRC) was formed in September 2002. The OIRC is a multi-agency group dedicated to conducting biological surveys and restoration on selected offshore islets in Hawaii.
Members include the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources' Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Geological Survey's Biological Resources Division, Wildlife Services from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bishop Museum, National Marine Fisheries Service, Pelea Pacifica, and the University of Hawaii. The objectives of the OIRC are to:
- Complete baseline biological inventories on selected islets
- Collect and conserve genetic material from rare plant species
- Eradicate alien mammals
- Assess efficacy of experimental eradication techniques
- Eradicate or control invasive weeds
- Control soil erosion through re-vegetation
- Re-plant native vegetation, including rare species, on selected islets
- Monitor and scientifically document results of restoration actions
- Educate the public on islet biota and conservation needs

Much of the focus of the OIRC has been on assessing, maintaining or restoring the terrestrial system and bird fauna of these offshore islets. Most offshore islet reef areas in the main Hawaiian Islands have not yet been assessed for the composition or abundance of the organisms that comprise their marine communities. Therefore, the present project was conceived and conducted to
provide this information for selected offshore islets in the main Hawaiian chain where such information has been lacking, and to evaluate the status of these areas in terms of their assumed lack of anthropogenic disturbance and isolation from introduced invasive species.
Availability date:20080604
Metadata version:10
Keydate:2008-06-03 11:38:47+00
Editdate:2013-10-16 16:49:01+00
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