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Title:Coral monitoring and growth change data from the Flower Garden Banks, Gulf of Mexico, 1998-1999 (NODC Accession 0000736)
Date received:20020703
Start date:19980927
End date:20000228
Seanames:Gulf of Mexico
West boundary:-93.8
East boundary:-93.6
North boundary:27.91
South boundary:27.87
Observation types:site samples, survey - coral reef
Instrument types:photograph, swimmer/diver
Submitter:Wolff, Dr. Gary A.
Submitting institution:TAMU
Collecting institutions:TAMU
Contributing projects:FLOWER GARDENS
Number of observations:233
Supplementary information:
Availability date:20020703
Metadata version:1
Keydate:2002-06-19 13:26:38+00
Editdate:2013-10-16 16:30:27+00
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