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  • Clicking on the following links to download the spreadsheet of ocean currents data holding in the Ocean Archive System
    Shipboard ADCPs
    Moored ADCPs
    Current Meters
    Drifting Platforms
  • Ocean Archive System (contains original data sent to us) and can be queried for ocean current data. Data Resultants (file format F005) & Components (file format F015) are also contained in the Ocean Archive System. (Contact User Services for help finding current meter data in the F005 and F015 formats.)

  • Joint Archive for Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) - ocean current data from shipboard ADCPs through a cooperative program with the University of Hawaii.

  • Coastal Ocean Time Series Database - The primary objective of this prototype project is to integrate coastal ocean time series observations from a variety of instruments with different resolution, accuracy and response to spatial and temporal variability into a common database.

  • Ocean Surface Current Analyses - Realtime (OSCAR) - Near-realtime ocean surface currents derived from satellite altimeter and scatterometer data (link leads off site).

  • Texas-Louisiana Shelf Circulation & Transport Processes Study (LATEX) CD-ROM set - This 5 disc set was produced in cooperation with Texas A&M University. The major field components taken between April 1992 and December 1994 were moored current meter measurements, drifting buoy data, hydrography, acoustic doppler current profiling data, meteorological buoy data, and MiniSpec (directional) and SeaData (non-directional) wave instruments data.

  • World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) - an unprecedented effort during 1990-1997 by scientists from more than 30 nations to study the large-scale circulation of the ocean. The DVD set was designed to be accessed with an Internet browser and contains data such as sea level, satellite, current meters, hydrographic data and other parameters. An online version is also available.

  • Ocean Current Drifter Data CD-ROMs - surface current ship drift data (previously known as SCUDS data) and subsurface float trajectories.

  • NSWC Moored ADCP Data on CD-ROM - Naval Surface Warfare Center moored ADCP data from the Florida Coast.

  • Drifting Buoy Data (file format F156) - This data is used for time series data on ocean circulation determined by the tracking of drifting buoys, drogues, or other instrumented devices as they are carried with the ocean flow. Movement is reported as point-to-point geographic locations determined by shore-based, surface ship, aircraft, or satellite observations.
    (Contact User Services for drifting buoy data or use the Ocean Archive System to find it.)

  • Customized datasets of ocean current data can also be obtained by contacting User Services.

  • See also: Major oceanographic program data available.

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