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>> Access GTSPP Data

This page provides public access to the GTSPP data in the following ways:
1. User-defined Data Sets
The User-defined data are the subset of the GTSPP data retrieved by the GTSPP users. NODC has developed a Web-based application called "GWI" (GTSPP Web Interface) that provides access and retrieval of GTSPP data subsets.
2. Real-Time Data Sets
Global ocean temperature and salinity measurements are regularly being taken by shipboard observers or automated instruments. The data are then forwarded through radio or satellite transmitters to receiving stations and transmitted in "real time" to operational users around the world.

The real-time data are managed by the Integrated Scientific Data Management (ISDM) of Canada. The data are received daily and are processed through quality assessment and duplicates resolution software three times each week and transferred to the continuously updated database (CMD) at NODC.
3. Best Copy Data Sets
The Best Copy data are produced by NODC on a monthly basis. The NODC holds, in the beginning, the real-time data from ISDM received three times per week. Delayed mode data include the full resolution data from XBTs or CTDs from the ships, or fully processed and quality controlled data from the organizations that provided the real time low resolution data to the GTS. If a low resolution real time copy of the data are already in the CMD the better quality or higher resolution copy replaces the real time one as the best copy.

Both GTSPP Real-Time and Best Copy data sets are available via:

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